Erasmus mobility testimonial: Aliaksandra SKACHKOVA, student in IT – computer science

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Aliaksandra SKACHKOVA, a student in IT- computer science at the University of Silesia in Poland, is studying under an Erasmus mobility program in the 2nd year of the IT computer science engineering program at the campus of CESI Lyon. She speaks about her experience.

Why did you choose to attend CESI for a mobility program in our engineering program specializing in IT-computer science?

I had the opportunity to participate in an Erasmus exchange for my second year in IT-computer science and CESI Graduate School of Engineering has a partnership with my University in Poland.

What do you think are the strong points of your training?

The practice of Problem Based Learning (PBL) is, for me, one of the strong points of this training. An internship in a company is also part of the program, which is not the case in my University in Poland.

From a professional and personal point of view, what does this experience abroad bring you?

This Erasmus experience gives me the opportunity to practice and improve my French. It is also interesting for me to have a professional experience in a foreign company. From a personal point of view, I met new people, learned how to get integrated, and participated in Erasmus events for exchange students. I also visited some cities, and I was able to compare the cultural differences between France and Poland.

Do you recommend CESI to other international students? Why do you recommend CESI to other international students?

I recommend CESI Graduate School of Engineering to other students from partner universities. This experience brings a new pedagogy. It is also a personal challenge: to be able to change your life, to get out of your comfort area for one or more semesters, to meet interesting people and make unforgettable acquaintances!

You are currently on an internship, can you tell us more about it? Did you have difficulties finding this internship?

I’m currently on an internship in web development, and it’s working well. It wasn’t easy to find an internship in my second year of study, but it’s possible. Unfortunately, this spring, many internships have been cancelled because of Covid 19, including in my class. For my part, I was lucky enough to start my internship in May.

What are your plans for the future? 

For the moment, I’m looking for a company to continue my work-study training at CESI. I am not attached to a place, a city or a country and I want to try my luck. Being a student means being flexible! So don’t hesitate, just jump in even if you have doubts!

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