Plan sciences

For the past two years, students have been working in a challenging context: on the one hand with the preparation of their diploma and on the other hand with the issues related to the health situation. Indeed, it was observed that students experienced difficulties in specific subjects such as mathematics and physical sciences, essential for a large number of students seeking higher education.

CESI Graduate School of Engineering is therefore launching several scientific support programmes for students undertaking a preparatory or engineering course at the school, starting in September 2021.

Does this give you confidence in your decision to join us?

Make support a priority

Since its creation, CESI Graduate School of engineering has focused on providing its students with an appropriate environment and guidance to help them build their professional project and develop their technical and behavioural skills.

The school is therefore furthering its societal approach by including intensive science programmes directly in its courses to provide each engineering student with a solid background for successful completion of their course and to reach the level required for their graduation. This new scheme is based on three main areas.

TOMIC (Test of mathematics for integrated curricula)

The TOMICwill be implemented at the beginning of next school year, for post-high school and post-high school +2 years in higher education engineering students.

As a future learner, you will first have to pass a tailor-made assessment test designed entirely by CESI Graduate School of Engineering upon joining the course. This test will help you to reach the required level in the acquisition of mathematical tools. Depending on the results and the gaps observed, you will be personally coached to overcome them.

The TOMIC examination will then be repeated twice, at the end of both the 1st and the 2nd semester. A minimum score will be required on the last test to qualify for the year.

Learner-specific remediation sessions to support the TOMIC

In addition to the projects completed throughout the year, you will have access, in preparatory cycle or in the engineering cycle, to an online revision programme based mainly on your particular weaknesses, if any (series of exercises, video explanations, tests per chapter, etc.) to ensure in-depth work on mathematics and thus pass the TOMIC.

Active pedagogy immersion, integration and refresher programme

Before the new school year starts, a two-week “summer school” for students from BTS (Higher Technician Diploma), DUT (University Diploma in Technology) and CPGE (preparatory class for the Grandes Ecoles), integrating the IT engineering cycle, will be held in order to introduce them to active teaching, to improve their level in IT and to give them access to an e-learning system.

For the engineering courses, specialising in construction and general engineering, the school also plans a scientific seminar dedicated to reviewing the scientific prerequisites.

This support, available throughout all cycles of training, means that CESI Graduate School of Engineering will support you throughout your studies. Regardless of the option you choose, join either the preparatory cycle or the engineering cycle, under student or apprentice status, the teaching staff will be at your side, supporting and advising you in each of your decisions.