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CESI Ecole d’Ingénieurs enables you to customize your path and achieve your goal : become an engineer in 5 years, as a student, through apprenticeship or lifelong learning.

25 campuses in France

CESI Ecole d’Ingénieurs covers the whole French territory with 25 locations : a tailor-made path to get the same degree

A higher education institution approved and recognized by its pears

  • Accredited by the CTI (Commission des titres d’ingénieurs) to award the engineering degree
  • Member of CDEFI (Conférence des directeurs des écoles françaises d’ingénieurs – Conference of Deans of French Schools of Engineering)
  • Member of CGE (Conférence des grandes écoles)
  • Member of UGEI (Union des grandes écoles indépendantes)
  • Member of CDIO™ Initiative
  • Member of the N+i network
  • Member of AUF (Agence universitaire de la francophonie).
  • Member of the Campus France Forum

Member of HESAM Université

HESAM Université is a federal university with the national status of public scientific, cultural and professional establishment (EPSCP).

HESAM Université aims to create a new kind of university, based on interdisciplinarity and sharing of knowledge and skills developed by its members. Institutions have decided to partner with us in order to enhance their potential in their respective fields of excellence through inter-institutional cooperation. HESAM Université federates French Higher Education institutions forming educational, research and corporate networks.

HESAM’s philosophy is « Professionalise Academics and Academise Professionals. » All the research and educational programmes of HESAM Université and its members have the dual ambition of academic and professional excellence. This ambition is expressed in innovative project-based pedagogy that is in close collaboration with the territories and the socio-professional world.

Key figures

  • 60 years experience in training future engineers
  • 43 000 graduates
  • 7 902 students in 2020
  • 1/5 of the work-study programmes students in France  enrolled at CESI (apprenticeship)
  • 10 Executive Post-Master degrees – CGE labelled
  • 120 partners all over the world
  • 8 000 partner companies

A rich training offer

CESI Ecole d’Ingénieurs provides :

A 5-year degree programme : come along and study with us after a High school diploma or equivalent, with a major in sciences and mathematics.

  • Start with the Integrated Undergraduate course (2-year programme)
  • Choose among 4 majors :
    • Industrial engineering
    • Civil engineering and construction
    • IT- Computer science
    • Embedded systems
  • Register as a student or as an « apprentice » in a combined work-study programme.

A panel of 10 Executive Post Master’s degree, offering a choice of 23 paths of Excellence.

Grantees at CESI

In accordance with its social inclusion policy, CESI Ecole d’Ingénieurs welcomes Grantees and Scholarship students in all its programmes and degrees.

CESI Ecole d’Ingénieurs endeavors to provide a learning environments that is inclusive and which are supportive of fair and equitable treatment of all students, no matter their social identity, meaning the various attributes or characteristics with which one strongly identifies and views as integral to their identity. This commitment requires the removal of unnecessary barriers to greater diversity within CESI and requires measures to support and promote inclusiveness, diversity and equity across the institution and among its partner companies.